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My Top Start Up Resources to Build a Profitable Home Business

This list of resources below helped me double my income from my previous job.

Hopefully it helps you too.

I've been putting together a number of free reports, so I wanted to compile this list so you could get all of them from one location.

These reports have the info I wish I had known ahead of time when starting my social media marketing business.

I think you'll find them helpful.

My business was profitable very early on, but I would've increased my business income a lot faster if I'd known the info in these reports.

Just click the link to download any or all of them.

Let me know in the comments if there is something you'd like to see in a free report.

P.S. I'm currently working on a new course that will teach you the exact steps I took to build a profitable freelance business from home in less than a year. These are the steps anyone can follow to do the same thing. If you'd like to get on the pre-enrollment list for when it's ready, click here.

My 30 Day Home Business Startup Checklist - This is the most popular download on this site. These are the things I'd recommend doing in the first 30 days of starting a online home business that offers social media marketing.

Top 6 Tools I Used to Double My Business Income - This report discusses the top 6 tools I used in my business that I couldn't do business without.

19 Steps to Supercharge Your LinkedIn Profile - This is the second most downloaded report on this site. If you want to crush it this year on LinkedIn, this is the report.

Following only the steps in this report should get your profile in the top 20% of all your contacts on LinkedIn.

15 Ways to Make $1,000 per month from Home - This is a list of ideas I've been working on, many of which I use to generate income in my business.

This is my favorite free report because I think anyone can find something they can do to make an extra $1,000/month. This amount, generated monthly can provide significant additional options.

Top 20-ish Articles that Helped Me When Starting My Business - Here is a list of my go-to articles that I read around the time I was getting started. They cover things like quitting your job, increasing your income, investing in the stock market.

These articles have changed my life. I have links to all of them.

5 Things I Did to Start a Business Before Leaving My Job - I don't recommend anyone quit a job before getting your business up and running and generating income. Fortunately, there are a lot of things you can do to get this process started while still in your job. Here are the five I did.

I hope these reports help you in your business.



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