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How to Make $1000 per Month from Home

how to make 1000 per month

Starting a business is scary as sh*t.

I know. I've started several. Scared me every time.

You have to set up an LLC or S-corp, rent out office space, hire employees, and spend a ton of money to get started. Right? don't. 

Now there are lots of ways to make $1000/mo without quitting your day job.

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My social media marketing business started off as a side business.

In fact, for a few months it was just a side business. ​

But within 8 months, it had replaced my income from my previous job.

Why $1,000? Shouldn't you focus on more?

The interesting thing is that once I found ways to generate $1000/mo, I can continue to repeat them to earn more or less depending on what my income goals are.

Below I listed a few ideas to get your wheels turning. All of these things can be done without a degree of any kind.

I've created a free report with the ideas from this post as well as 3 additional bonus ideas if you'd like some more. Click the button below and I'll email it to you.

How to make $1000 per month

1. Social Media Marketing.

There are thousands of companies that pay people for managing their social media marketing and advertising. I've built a full-time business doing this. Once you can do it for one client, you can easily do it for 10 clients. It goes up from there.

2. SEO

If you don't know how to do SEO, take a course on it. There's plenty of courses onUdemy on how to do this.

3. Graphic Design

A good friend of mine recently created a new logo, graphics and brand manual for a company. His fee was $12,000 and it was a third of what other bids were. In fact, you don't even have to do the work! You can outsource it.

4. Web Design

One client every two months will get you there. Don't know how? Learn Squarespace or Strikingly. They can be learned in a day and each website you build will make you $1000-$4000. At least.

P.S. Strikingly is what I used to build my business website for Redline Digital. It's been so valuable for me that I created an HD video training course showing exactly how I did this. Check it out here.

5. Blog writing

Write professional blog posts for their company website. I do this for several companies. It may take a few clients to get to $1000/mo with blog writing, but it can be done.

You can make excellent money with freelance writing in general. You can also write copy for business websites. Here's a great article from my buddy J Money about this.

6. Video editing

Know how to use iMovie? I don't. But I've hired it out and you can too. Check outUpwork for providers.

7. Sell online courses

Record a couple of online courses and sell them on Udemy. The average instructor makes $8000/year! Imagine what you could do with that cash.

8. Design logos

This could be as simple as getting a logo app on itunes or actually doing the graphic design yourself. Or you could outsource it.

9. Email marketing

Sending out professional emails and newsletters on behalf of companies. Most business owners or managers don't have time to manage this. They hire it out.

This can be incredibly valuable for businesses. For example, I do this for a car dealership client. Every time we send an email out, they sell 1-4 cars from it and get a good number of service customers. For a business that makes $1,900-ish in profit from each car, this ads up quickly for them. Which is why they're willing to pay me to do it.

10. Write and sell ebooks

I know authors who hire a freelancer to write their ebook and put it on Amazon Kindle store and sell it. Or write your own book and sell it. Anyone can write an ebook these days.

11. Set up Facebook ads for companies

Have any experience setting up Facebook or Twitter ads? Many companies will pay top dollar for this. If it's done well, it makes them far more than $1000/month in return.

12. Create social media cover photos for businesses

Find clients that have atrocious social media cover photos for Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube and offer to create cover photos for them.

So, there are 12 ideas that can generate $1000/mo. Some of them can be done with one client, some of them may take 2-3.

All of them are doable.

The great thing is once you learn these skills it's much easier to add these streams of income.

And more ideas come up. Just check out this article on 60+ ways to make extra money each month.

If you'd like a few more ideas, click the button below and I'll send you all of these ideas as a free report along with 3 bonus ideas I've added since writing this.

Hope this helps you! Cheers!


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