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Top 10 Tools You Need to Make Money from Home

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Here is my updated list of the top 10 tools that I use in my business. These are the best ones to make you money from home, whatever your business is.  

The wrong resources can sink your business.

The right resources can make you money and save you time and headache.

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A little back story....

In 2014, I started a freelance social media business with no clients and no income.

Now, we do social media marketing and web design for businesses. Our clients range from start-ups to $300 million+ companies.

The resources listed below are the ones I use every day. They are the ones that will make you money. They will save you time and heartache. I am in love with them. These resources can get you started in growing your side-hustle freelance business by $1,000/mo...and then way more.

If you have an online business, or want to start a side business, here are my top 10 resources to crush it.

Note: These are 10 tools that I use regularly in my business. For the top 6 I used to triple my business income, click the button below.

1. Strikinlgy

The easiest way to get an awesome website built for your business. It’s free to start and you can upgrade to a paid plan for more features. If you sign up through this link, there’s no commission but I do get a free website build added to my account :).

2. Bluehost

Bluehost is the hosting plan I’ve been using for over 4 years and it is the BOMB!

Their basic hosting account includes a free website domain, unlimited hosting space, and unlimited email accounts (this is big if you want an professional email address like [email protected]). Bluehost also makes it simple to connect your domain to your Strikingly or Squarespace website. All of this for $3.95/mo currently.

I highly recommend Bluehost. I would send the Bluehost staff flowers every day if I could. Click here to get the best price. (aff link).

If you plan to build a blog for your business, a WordPress blog hosted on Bluehost is the best way I’ve found to do this.

Here is a video showing how easy it is to build your own blog with WordPress + Bluehost.

3. FreshBooks

I switched from using Paypal to send invoices to Freshbooks in June of last year, and my business sales doubled over the next six months.

Now, I’m not saying it was only due to Freshbooks. But it helped a ton.

Freshbooks allows me to send amazing estimates and invoices to customers and let’s customers easily pay me with a credit card or check. I even see when a customer views an invoice :).

And I can do all of this from my phone too.

This link goes to a 30-day free trial for FreshBooks.

4. Squarespace

Another amazing website builder. Not as easy to use as Strikingly, but certainly more robust for clients sites. I’ve used Squarespace to build many websites for clients, and they look amazing and perform even better.

They are fully mobile-responsive and you can build them without touching a line of code.

5. Moz Local

Moz local is awesome for getting your business listed in Google search and all local search directories. Go to this link and list your business for fast search results.

6. Google Voice

Use this to get a free business phone number that forwards to your cell or local number. This will save you $240+/year. You must have or create a free Google account to get a free Google Voice number. It’s well worth it.

7. Right Signature

I use Right Signature to get contracts signed from clients. This makes it incredibly efficient to get documents signed and get stuff done.

I simply upload a pdf in my account, select where I need a client to sign, and send the document to my client. My client can open and sign the document electronically and it sends a signed copy of the document with time stamp to me and my client. They can even sign it on their mobile phone.

This was a game-changer. For a while I didn’t do this and documents would take days or weeks to get signed. Now I average a couple of hours.

Update: I've since switched this service to HelloSign. It does the same thing, but it's easier. And FREE if you don't do a ton of contracts each month. ​

8. Long Tail Pro Keyword Research Tool

This tool is the best I’ve seen for finding low-competition, high-traffic keywords for SEO for your business and your clients businesses. Keyword research and SEO are services that I charge clients for, and this is one of the main tools I use for keyword research. I’ll put a video on how I’m using Long Tail Pro soon.

9. SumoMe

This is the app that provides the really cool share buttons on the side of this website. They also allow you to put an email newsletter sign up form on your website and a host of other free tools like heat mapping and contact forms. Check some of these out on my business website I’ve used this on many clients sites as well and they love them.

10. Mailchimp

Email marketing made brain-dead easy. This is what I use to collect emails and send newsletters. Their “forever free” plan is $0 and you can collect emails and send up to 12,000/mo. BOOM!

Update: I've since switched to ConvertKit for email service. It's the bees knees :)​

This isn’t everything, but I built a 6-figure online biz using just these tools.

If you only get these 10 tools you will CRUSH IT with your online biz!

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It took me a while to start using some of these, and I wished I had started MUCH, much earlier.

I will continue to add to this list as I find other services that will make you money. Let me know if you find something that works great and I will take a look at it.



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